full-set solution
for formalin spill control

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novok® is a patented  solution that can quickly decompose formaldehyde molecules on contact, without leaving any residual behind.

Ordinary cleaning products and procedures cannot guarantee a proper decontamination of the surfaces wherehazardous spillages occurred, so the untreated residual formalin will keep releasing formaldehyde molecules into the work environment.

On the contrary, novok® allows the healthcare staff to perform a deep decontamination inside their workplace whenever necessary. It is also a good idea to add novok® to daily cleaning procedures, in order to have a healthier work environment and minimum exposure to the hazardous substance.


The novok®-s + novok-pow® Set is specifically designed to be the ideal solution against daily formalin contamination, to treat small spills instantly, safely and effectively.

One Set contains:

  • Four 500ml bottles of anti-formalin solution: novok®-s .
  • Two 100g containers of formalin solidifier: novok-pow® .

It was developed to contain small formalin spills and convert the liquid into an easily removable thickened mass. 100 g of novok-pow® can contain a spill not bigger than 60ml, for multiple times.

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novokit® is an emergency response kit specially designed to safely contain and clean up to 2.5L of spilled formalin. The formalin spill kit is an essential item in the healthcare environment, especially in those departments where hospital staff have to handle considerable amounts of formalin in their daily work.

Accidental formalin spillages are not only unpleasant to deal with, but they also involve significant hazards to human health. That is why it is important to remove them quickly and safely.

novokit® contains both novok®-s and novok-pow®, and all the necessary cleaning material and PPE. It can minimize the exposure to carcinogenic
vapours during the spill management procedure.

novokit® content:

  • 500ml anti-formalin solution: novok®-s
  • 400g Formalin thickener: novok-pow®
  • A pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • Vented Goggles
  • Scoop & Scraper
  • Respirator with filters against formaldehyde
  • Absorbent Pad
  • Disposable Open Back Gown
  • Biohazard Bag
  • Shoe Covers
  • “Caution” Sign
  • Instruction Sheet