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Control set for small formalin spills

The novok®-s + novok-pow® Set is specifically designed to be the ideal solution against daily formalin contamination, to treat small spills instantly, safely and effectively.

One Set contains:

  • Four 500 ml bottles of anti-formalin solution: novok®-s .
  • Two 100 g containers of formalin solidifier: novok-pow® .

It was developed to contain small formalin spills and convert the liquid into an easily removable thickened mass. 100 g of novok-pow® can contain a spill not bigger than 60ml, for multiple times.

How does it work?

1. Apply novok-pow® formalin thickener on the spill. In just few seconds, it will completely convert it into a thickened mass and, at the same time, prevent the spill from spreading out.

2. Spray novok®-s on the surface of the thickened formalin mass, making sure to cover all the contaminated area with the solution. novok®-s can quickly destroy formaldehyde molecules on contact. In just few seconds, the treated mass’ surface will become a barrier that blocks formalin vapours from spreading into the environment.

3. Safely clean everything up and apply novok®-s again on the contaminated surface to ensure a deep decontamination.

Effectiveness demonstration kit